Popular Casino Games By Country

August 17, 2022 0 By polsek banjaragung

While living in Canada it may seem like black jack and slots rule the world. Walk in any of the major Canadian casino and there’ll be more slot machines and poker tables then you can shake a stick. But the betting landscape changes as you migrate overseas. Poker tables are passed over for roulette, baccarat, captain cooks online casino lottery and even pokie. Every country has a favorite game, and we’ve explored a few to see whats game draws the biggest crowds!

Macau: Baccarat

Vip Baccarat generates the vast majority of Macau‘s gambling revenues. Punto Banco (a luck-based card game) is the most popular bacarrat variant enjoyed here. Last year, VIP Bacarrat pulled in $15.6 billion US in Macau – a significant decline from the $29.8 billion US generated in 2013

Las Vegas: Slots


It may come as no surprise that most of the city’s revenue comes from slot machines. These blinking machines are everywhere — even at the McCarren International Airport. On the strip, slots generate more revenue than any other game offered!

France: Roulette

Roulette, which means “little wheel” in French, was invented in France. It differs from its American cousin by not having a zero (“0”) at the end, so players have an advantage when playing in Europe.

Australia: Pokies

Australians love gambling; over 80% of them gamble at least once a week.

Singapore: 4D

Lotteries are a common pastime among people in Singapore, and 4d, which stands for four digits, is the most popular lottery game. People often look for winning combinations in strange ways, such as writing down the license plate numbers or seeing them in dreams